BaxterStorey has been awarded the first commercial contract for the new £12m state-of-the-art Community Hub, Professional Training Campus and Youth Academy at Kingsford.

BaxterStorey will be the hospitality provider and are the UK’s largest independent food service provider, committed to using fresh, locally sourced and seasonal produce with menu options for playing staff that includes poached sustainable white fish, lemon and parsley sauce and steamed broccoli.

With diet and nutrition a vital element of the training and fitness regimes of the first team and all academy squads, the club views this announcement as a major step forward in delivering quality diet and nutrition options for the players.

Alastair Storey, chairman, BaxterStorey said, “We are delighted to be working with a football club that is close to the hearts of many in the local Aberdeen area, including myself. Much like the club, we are proud of our highly-skilled teams that deliver the highest quality in everything they do. It is this energy and enthusiasm we look forward to bringing to Aberdeen FC, working with local suppliers from within the community to provide freshly prepared, delicious food to both players and fans.”

Jeremy Wood, regional managing director, BaxterStorey added, “Our experience working with sporting venues gives us a real understanding about what it takes to cater for an elite football club like Aberdeen FC. Our nutrition experts and chefs understand the important role food plays in peak athletic performance and the key food groups that are essential to recovery and preparation. We are excited to bring nutritious, delicious (and some traditionally Scottish) dishes to the players and fans, and to be a part of the club’s future.”

AFC Commercial Director, Rob Wicks, commented, “We are thrilled to announce this new partnership with BaxterStorey. The opening of our new professional training centre and community hub is a significant development in our club’s 116-year history and we look forward to working with a partner who match our ambitions and aspirations to make this a first-class facility.

“This state-of-the-art facility will provide our players the opportunity to train and develop in a best in class environment, and their diet and nutrition play an important part in their rigorous training and fitness programmes.