The case for moving Aberdeen Football Club’s stadium to Kingsford is now overwhelming.

With millions invested by AFC into the proposed move, the time and circumstances for transferring to Kingsford have now been well substantiated, both in sympathetic development and transport strategy.

The case is won, in my opinion.

There is only one thing standing in the way of the proposals now and that is pure nimbyism on the part of the objectors who are happing for the new AFC stadium to go anywhere as long as it is not at Kingsford.

We have seen this display of nimbyism in Aberdeen may times before.

Aberdeen City Council has been resolute in not succumbing to such antics.

Hopefully, by the end of January we will see the plans approved in full for an early start to what will be an exciting time for North-east football and sport for all, and putting Aberdeen top of the international stadium table.

Dennis Grattan

Letter originally published in the Evening Express – 20 January 2018