The co-convener of the Aberdeen Green party has backed the ambitious £50million new Dons stadium project.

Guy Ingerson, who ran for the city council this year, gave his endorsement to the Kingsford Stadium development.

The party carried out their own public consultation which found two thirds of respondents backing the development.

Mr Ingerson said: “The results of our public consultation showed clear support for Kingsford Stadium and Aberdeen Football Club generally.

“Having spoken with, and investigated the claims of both the No To Kingsford campaign and Aberdeen Football Club, it is my personal view that the development should be supported.

“There are potential challenges with the site, specifically around transport infrastructure as highlighted by city planners, but these are not insurmountable.

“In my view it is clear that, as a Green, I can back these proposals without sacrificing my environmental and social principles.

“The area itself was a former landfill site and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, along with various wildlife charities have raised no objections. I concur with their analysis.”

The stadium has stirred heated emotions across the north- east and a final decision will be made by city councillors next Wednesday.

Critics have raised fears of increased traffic and a loss of green belt land.

Originally published and copyright Press and Journal – 3 October 2017