Derek McInnes made a passionate speech at a hearing for Aberdeen ’s proposed new £500million stadium.

The Dons manager has called the development a ‘game changer’ for the club as he spelled out the consequences of the plan not being given the go-ahead at Kingsford.

Supporters and objectors are airing their views at a meeting at Aberdeen Town House, with club chairman Stewart Milne also making an address.

McInnes told the hearing he realised on his first day in job four years ago how bad the training facilities were.

The Dons boss said: “Others will leave us in the distance. Our performance and results will drop, leading to smaller crowds.

“How do we want Aberdeen to be regarded? Modern state-of-the-art facilities, or do we just stay as we are?

“It’s the single biggest decision for this football club.

“We cannot be sitting here in 10 years’ time.

“I wasn’t born in Aberdeen, I wasn’t brought up an Aberdeen supporter, but I love this club.

“Our supporters deserve this. Surely we all want this. Please help us deliver this.”

A decision is due to be made next month.

Originally published and copyright Daily Record – 13 September 2017