Aberdeen FC’s chairman has said the club are “quietly confident” that their £50million stadium dream will be approved by councillors next year.

The application for the £50million sports centre, training academy and stadium scheme at Kingsford was due to be debated by councillors in early October.

But the club pulled the application at the eleventh hour after sources indicated council planners were going to recommend refusal.

Another pre-determination hearing has been provisionally set for Wednesday, January 17.

A recent report said the new development could bring more than £8million a year extra to the city by attracting more fans to the new ground.

Objectors have questioned the traffic and parking impact of the site and rasied concerns about a loss of green belt land.

Dons chairman Stewart Milne said:  “Everyone was disappointed we asked to have the topic removed from the agenda of the October meeting, but we were convinced it was the right decision as there was a high risk the decision might have gone against us as it became very clear there were areas of the application the council had interpreted in a different way from how we believed we had presented it.

“We agreed between us there should be further work done on these areas which has been done in the last five to six weeks, and I would like to think we have now got to the stage where there is a clear understanding of all the main issues, and I think we have every right to feel quietly confident we’ll get the right decision when it comes up to the full council at the end of January.

“They now see what we are setting out to do at the club is another key element in that strategic infrastructure which will serve this city and region for the next 20, 30 or 40 years as well.”

Originally published – Press and Journal – 24 November 2017