This week, the decision on the planning application for the new Aberdeen FC stadium at Kingsford was due to be made by Aberdeen City Council.

We caught up with the stadium Project Director, Raymond Edgar to find out more behind the decision to defer and what that means for the training complex and stadium plans.

What happened last week?

Aberdeen FC asked for the current application to be removed from the agenda of the Council meeting that was to to be held on 11 October 2017.


The decision was to allow the club to have further discussions with Aberdeen City Council officials to ensure that they had a clear understanding on a number of planning technical issues they had highlighted.

Has there been any further discussions with the Council since this decision?

A meeting between Aberdeen Football Club and Aberdeen City Council took place on 10 October 2017 for these discussions to commence.  These discussions will continue over the coming weeks.

Will there be a need for further public consultation following these discussions with the Council?

This will be agreed between the Club and the Council at the forthcoming meetings but it is unlikely that a further public consultation will be required.

Is the planning application still valid?

To be absolutely clear, the Club have not withdrawn the planning application and it is still a live application and it will not require the application to be resubmitted.

When will the application be resubmitted for a decision?

The next full Council meeting is due to take place on Monday 11 December 2017.  However at this point, the Club do not know which meeting the application will be heard, this will be an outcome of the discussions with the Council over the coming weeks.

Has the stadium project accounted for a Judicial Review?

No, the Club feels that there will be no grounds for a Judicial Review.

Does this delay affect in any way, the finances that are required to secure the funding for the training complex/new stadium?

This does not materially affect the funding.  If anything it gives the Club some more time to secure the funds required.

What impact will this delay have on the timescales for building the training complex and the stadium itself?

This will delay the completion of the training facilities by around 2 to 3 months provided the club and the Council can get the application to the December meeting.  This will not affect the completion date for the stadium.

Has there been any further discussion with Aberdeen City Council on alternative locations for the stadium/training complex should this planning application fail?

No, as far as the Club are concerned this is the only suitable and viable site for the development within the City Council boundaries.

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