Aberdeen FC’s chairman last night told said he is “confident” the plans will not be derailed by a legal challenge.

Campaign group No Kingsford Stadium has previously warned it will launch a judicial review if the Kingsford plans are approved, on the grounds the club has not presented sufficient evidence for discounting possible alternate sites.

But chairman Stewart Milne revealed last night he was not concerned about the legality of the application.

He said: “You can never determine what others may choose to do, but the legal challenge can only be against the process.

“The council and external people have impressed on us that every step along the way has been done within due process.

“On that basis we are confident that there will not be any grounds for a legal challenge.”

The chairman has also stated that, if the stadium construction is approved on January 29, work could begin within a matter of months.

“In reality, it would probably take about three months before all the legal paperwork is tied down,” he said.

“But our plan is to start before the summer, with the first phase (of a football academy and community and sports facilities) completed by summer 2019.”

Mr Milne added: “We have a very comprehensive application on the table and believe we have addressed all the issues along the way.

“We have satisfied all of the requirements of the Aberdeen City roads department and the city economic development department.

“At the end of the day we feel quietly confident that we will get a positive recommendation from planners and that at the end of the month the council members will back us.”

Originally published The Press and Journal – 16 January 2018