A “vocal majority” in favour of Aberdeen FC’s plans to create a new stadium at Kingsford have spoken up as a decision on the proposal draws nearer.

The Dons want to create a £50million complex encompassing a 20,000-seat ground and modern training facilities between Westhill and Kingswells.

However, an outspoken group of Westhill residents have formed the No Kingsford Stadium group to fight the relocation scheme.

Aberdeen FC has urged people in that area who back the club’s aims to make their voices heard on the matter.

And last night, supporters of the Kingswells Yes to Kingsford movement gathered for the first time at the suburb’s Village Hotel.

The meeting was called less than a week ago, but still managed to attract more than 100 people.

One of the organisers, Keith Sinclair, said: “We need to make noise about this, to let the decision makers know there is wide support.”

Aleen Shinnie also helped put together the event, saying she wanted to promote the idea that Kingswells is “not against development”.

Mike Forbes has formed the Westhill For Kingsford group to demonstrate support from that area.

He said: “The objectors have communicated their message very well, to the point where people are thinking that nobody in Westhill wants this.

“But there are plenty of people who are fully supportive.

“I do believe it is the case that the silent majority now needs to become noisy to make it clear there is this huge swell of positivity.”

The No Kingsford Stadium collective insists that its objections are based upon what is best for Aberdeen.

The group argues that the application breaches the council’s planning policy and will lead to traffic chaos around the site.

They also claim that Dandies will face increased ticket prices, and that attendances will decline, in the event of a move.

During last night’s meeting, design images of the proposed stadium were beamed on to a screen and footage of an impassioned speech by Dons manager Derek McInnes was shown.

Attendees then discussed ways of taking the drive forward, including spreading support among expatriated fans and staging a public demonstration.

The application will come before Aberdeen City Council on October 11.

Article originally published in the Press and Journal on Tuesday 22nd August 2017.