A couple of bits of news from the past few days….

Objectors to stadium need to check facts

M Dickson’s letter in the Evening Express asks that objectors check their facts before issuing rash statements…

M Dickson Letter

Freedom of speech denied by Aberdeen City Council?

Aberdeen’s Soul Bar has been told to take down their banner on instruction of Aberdeen City Council as it causes “offence”.

What next, are we going to be told to remove all stickers, posters etc claiming our support for the new stadium?

Not be put off, the bar will be hosting an event this Friday, 8th September in the rear private bar to show support for the Kingsford Stadium.  The meeting is open to businesses and individuals.  Head along and see how you can make a difference.

The meeting starts at 5.30pm.

Welcome drink and nibbles supplied.  There will be guest speakers from AFC and AFCCT at the meeting.

Soul Bar Aberdeen







Update from Aberdeen City Council – 5.15pm

Aberdeen City Council has issued the following statement: