Aberdeen City Council published the papers today (Thursday 7 September) for the pre-determination meeting that will take place on Wednesday 13 September at 9.30am at the Council Chamber in the Town House in Aberdeen for the planning application for the new stadium.

It provides a summary of the planning application and references the supporting documentation on the Council’s planning website (which are also available on our website).

The Pre-Application Consultation Report (PAC) reports states that the most commonly raised areas of concern related to access and transportation, including: arrangements for car parking and potential impact on nearby residential streets; public transport and provision for match-day travel generally and the implications for the surrounding road network at peak times.

The analysis assessment below is not exhaustive and provides a summary but gives an indication on our view on the status from the relevant stakeholders.

The analysis below from the consultations from various groups provides an outline of their responses and whether they:

  • have no objection to the development;
  • have objection to the development;
  • or no objection subject to further information, advice or planning conditions;

Aberdeen City Council – Roads Development Management Team

  • Status – AMBER:  Expresses the following statements and concerns:
    • The methodology used in travel surveys underpinning the relevant Transport Assessments is questioned;
    • The Transport Assessments addendum underestimated the proportion o car users in its modal shares by counting users of the Kingswellls and Dyce ‘Park and Ride) sites as public transport users;
    • Pedestrian access from Westhill is acceptable, subject to widening of the footway between the application site and Westhill;
    • Pedestrian access from the East is not presently sufficient to accommodate the volume of pedestrians that would be anticipated to travel to/from the P&R at Kingswells – narrow footway is the general concern;
    • The Transport Assessment predicts that cycle trips will be few, and it has been agreed that cycle parking provision can be accepted at a reduced rate;
    • To serve events at the stadium, a combination of an increase in frequency of the existing bus service; and site-specific shuttle buses is proposed; – the team would like to see bus lay-bys installed adjacent to the proposed footbridge and secured by conditions;
    • Concern that the capacity at the Union Square bus station would be operating a near capacity with the introduction of shuttle buses;
    • Concerns raised about the number of buses required and at full capacity including standing;
    • On-site parking is marginally in excess of the current standards, but considered to be acceptable;
    • Additional parking provision at Arnhall Business Park is an arrangement that would not normally be permitted.
    • The east and west access arrangements are satisfactory in principle subject to the usual Road Construction Consent;
    • Traffic analysis shows issues with possible operation of the local road network;
    • Framework Travel Plan has been submitted, and is appropriate for this stage in the process;
    • If the Controlled Parking Zone or pedestrian footbridge is undeliverable, their response should be treated as a formal objection as these are critical to the viability of the proposal.

Aberdeen City Council – Flooding and Coastal Protection

  • Status:  GREEN: No objection to the proposal following submission of requested information.

Aberdeen City Council – Environmental Health

  • Status:  AMBER: Provides guidance on noise, deliveries, air quality, lighting and use of training pitches

Aberdeen City Council – Environmental Health (Contamination)

  • Status: GREEN: No objection to approval of the application with conditions to attached to approval based on the history of the site being used for landfill.

Aberdeen City Council – Economic Development

  • Status: RED:  Initial response lacked data and methodology to substantiate findings, further information raised queries relating to assumptions made about reduced attendances in the ‘remain at Pittodrie’ scenario; an uplift in the number of functions that is assumed at the new site and other assumptions relating to city centre spending and population estimates;  General summary looks for further clarification in a number of areas, including:
    • maintenance costs (Pittodrie vs Kingsford);
    • economic impact of losing European football;
    • crowd estimates;
    • city centre spend estimates;

Aberdeen City Council – Waste Strategy Team

  • Status: GREEN:  Provides general needs guidance for the development

Aberdeen City Council –  Masterplan Team

  • Status: GREEN:  no response

Aberdeen City/Shire Developer Obligations Team

  • Status: GREEN: Contributions may be required for implementing or linking to the Core Path Network.

Aberdeen City/Shire Strategic Development Planning Authority

  • Status: RED: Restates earlier position that the development does not accord with the aims and objectives of the Strategic Development Plan.

Aberdeen International Airport

  • Status: GREEN: No objection to the proposal

Aberdeenshire Council

  • Status: RED: Maintains its initial objection to the application on the grounds that ‘the proposal in tis current composition would be contrary to the Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development Plan (2014);  The Council supplement raising the following issues:
    • Co-location, Site Selection and Sequential Test focuses on benefits of co-location and the over-riding justification appears financial;
    • Transportation Response does not address the underlying reasons for the Council’s earlier objection;
    • The proposed footbridge is partially located between the City/Shire councils and would need planning permission in its own right and could not be a condition of the planning application;
    • Restates position that the economic impact on Aberdeenshire is likely to be fairly modest, no specific consideration of the impact on Westhill town centre;

Aberdeenshire Council – Archaeology Service

  • Status: GREEN: No objection

BP Exploration Operating Company (North Sea Infrastructure)

  • Status: GREEN:  No comment on the proposal.  Safety and engineering integrity of the BP Forties pipeline will not be affected.

Kingswells Community Council

  • Status: RED: Raises a number of areas of concern, including breach of planning policy, visual impact, site selection, transportation assessment

Cults, Bieldside and Milltimber Community Council

  • Status: AMBER: Raises potential impacts of noise, air quality and transportation during construction and once in use;  No objection to the construction of a new stadium in principle.

Westhill and Elrick Community Council

  • Status: RED: Do not believe that the proposed site at Kingsford is suitable.  Main concerns include loss of green belt land, impact of high car number on local infrastructure, lack of adequate community facilities and economic impact on both Westill and the City Centre.

Dee District Salmon Fishery Board

  • Status: GREEN: No objection and provide advice.

Health and Safety Executive

  • Status: GREEN: No objection, on safety grounds, against the granting of permission.

Historic Environment Scotland

  • Status: GREEN: No objection, proposals do not raise historic environment issues of national significance

Police Scotland

  • Status: GREEN: No objection to proposal but offers detailed advice on measures to prevent crime.

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Scotland

  • Status: GREEN: No objection to proposal, providing that breeding bird surveys were carried out in accordance with relevant guidance.

Scottish Environment Protection Agency

  • Status: AMBER: Recommend that conditions are attached to any grant of planning permission, if planning permission is granted without any of the conditions proposed by SEPA, the comments then would be treated as an objection.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

  • Status: GREEN: No response.

Scottish Natural Heritage

  • Status: GREEN: No objection and provides advice.

Scottish Water

  • Status: AMBER: No objection to application.  Current capacity available in the Invercannie Water Treatment Works, however there may be insufficient capacity in the Nigg PFI Waster Water Treatment Works to service the development.

Sport Scotland

  • Status: GREEN: No comments to make on the proposal, on the basis that there are no existing uses on the site in respect of which Sport Scotland is a statutory consultee.

Shell UK Exploration and Production

  • Status: GREEN: No objection.

Transport Scotland

  • Status: GREEN:  Recommends permission granted subject to planning conditions

The status analysis count is as follows:

  • GREEN:  18
  • AMBER: 5
  • RED: 5