Aberdeen have put plans for our new £50million pound stadium at Kingsford on hold due the COVID-19 crisis.

Dave Cormack, Aberdeen chairman said: “Aberdeen will survive, we will absolutely survive it, but what form it takes at the other end of this is outwith our control.

“It’s the smart thing for us to do, to move to Kingsford.

“In saying that, now all bets are off the table now with regards to timing until we get through this.

“If it costs us four, five, six or £10million to get through this as a club, that takes money from other things we might want to do, whether it be Kingsford or investments in the football operation.

“Our number one priority is surviving. Once we do that, we will take a deep breath, sleep on it and then give our perspective.”

Commercial Director, Rob Wicks said:  “We are still firmly committed to the new stadium for all the reasons we have stated previously but we have to be realistic.

“The unexpected financial challenges that have been brought up as a result of the pandemic means we are going to have to look really carefully at our plans and assess that with the timing of the move.”