Aberdeen FC chairman Stewart Milne has offered to meet campaigners opposing the stadium after independent lawyers cast doubt on the chances of a legal case.

Mr Milne said he believes it is clear objectors cannot stop plans for the £50 million stadium and has offered to meet representatives of the No Kingsford Stadium group (NKS).

Mr Milne added: “NKS could potentially delay the project for a matter of months, but at significant cost and risk to them.

“To say they will simply fold their company to avoid paying any costs is irresponsible to every taxpayer in the city but, as pointed out, unlikely to be accepted by the courts.

“Those donating towards a potential judicial review are simply wasting their money on a futile exercise that will put a drain on council resources and could damage our reputation as a region in which to invest.

“We’ve extended an invitation to NKS to sit down with us and find a way of working together that is in the community’s best interests.”

Originally published – Evening Express – 11 May 2018