Welcome to our new website that contains loads of information about the new Aberdeen FC Kingsford Stadium.

We’ll post all the latest news about the stadium proposals and promote any events or activities that support the new stadium.  And as we get more information about the stadium itself, we’ll keep you updated.

We are heading into a crucial period through September and October, and are a looking for all Dons fans who are in support of the proposals, to promote our cause on social media using the hashtag #AllForAurora.

You can also pick up your stadium supporter pack at the AFC Club Shop and don’t forget to the sign the petition in support of the new ground and training facilities.

We have more information about how you can support the stadium plans available here.

Have a look around, feel free to comment and if you want to promote any stadium events or have any stadium news, drop us an email and we’ll post it on the site.

Stand Free.