Another milestone was reached today (4 October 2017) as the Yes to Kingsford petition reached 10,000 signatures.

The campaign petition supporting the Kingsford Stadium project was launched by Dons supporter, Hannah McLachlan on the website 38 Degrees.

The groundswell of support from those in favour of the new stadium proposals has been encouraging but doesn’t stop there.

You can continue to sign the petition here:

Many supporters have left comments in support, here are a few:

“Brilliant for the city and shire and the community of Westhill.  A resource to be proud of for progress.” – Mark H.

“Aberdeen FC brings happiness and positivity to many thousands of people in the north east.  If you oppose the plans, please get yourself to a match and see the family friendly atmosphere and delight the club bring to supporters.” – Kevin R.

“The City and Shire, as well as AFC, needs a world class facility, not only for the football club, but also for our youngsters to help them develop into the stars of the future.  Let it happen for the young stars of the future.” – Graham M.

“In difficult times, this is a chance for the City Council to show that they are open to investment in the city.  Benefits to the club are obvious but the local community are also going to benefit from brand new facilities for their children and future generations.  Hopefully the Council listen to the many in support rather than the few who moan the loudest.  Kingswells/Westhill has had a lot of residential development over recent years.  Where was the complaints about building on greenbelt then?” – Rebecca C.